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I’m retired. Can I still get a mortgage?

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s very common for us to get questioned about whether or not a retiree can get a mortgage. Some retired people feel stuck; they want to change their housing situation, but are worried about not being able to get the …

December newsletter

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Happy holidays and please enjoy our final newsletter of the year!

3 month treasury bill rate

Are Treasury Bills the safe asset of 2023?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Markets are volatile, inflation hasn’t gone away, and geopolitical instability is still a “thing.” Is there a safe asset where you can park your money? Let’s talk about Treasury Bills whose appeal seems to have risen like the phoenix from …

Charitable Giving in a Down Market

Reading Time: < 1 minutes This month we seem to be getting a great deal of questions about giving to charity in a down market, and we’ve answered them in the newsletter below. If you have questions for next month, please send us a note! …

A guide to retirement for private practice psychiatrists

Reading Time: 4 minutes As a private practice psychiatrist, you wear many hats: you’re a physician, a counselor, a business owner, and a person who goes home and goes to sleep at night. However, there is little attention paid to the concept of what …

What’s the deal with the Merck 401k plan?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Merck, headquartered in Rahway, New Jersey, is a popular employer for many residents of the Garden State. As part of our blog series on retirement in New Jersey, we’re going to talk about some of the Merck employee benefits you …

October newsletter: Will inflation ever end?

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Here are the most common questions we were asked last month. If you’d like us to answer your questions in next month’s newsletter, please send them on! Many are concerned about market volatility during the midterm elections. It’s pretty common …

The Johnson & Johnson 401(k) plan – everything you need to know

Reading Time: 6 minutes New Jersey is home to some of America’s greatest pharmaceutical companies, namely Johnson & Johnson which has its headquarters in New Brunswick.  In this blog we’ll talk about the Johnson & Johnson 401(k) plan, providing you with valuable information about …