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May 2021 Market Update

May 2021 Market Update: May has rolled in as the vaccine rolls out, and with it there are several investment themes that have become evident. In our newsletter this month we’ll discuss: Sustainability as a key long term return driver. The White House’s $2.25 trillion jobs and infrastructure plan. Short and long term rate trends we’re likely to see.

Financial tips for therapists starting a private practice! Interview with Gordon Brewer

In this blog, we’re going to talk about financial tips for therapists starting a private practice. We are thrilled to welcome our guest Gordon Brewer, a therapist, private practice consultant, and the host of the Practice of Therapy podcast.

April 2021 Market Update

April 2021 Market Update: The restart is about turning things back on, not about the rebuilding of consumer confidence that is needed in a typical recovery. We may see some near-term inflation as demand recovers and supply lags. The restart may be faster than expected due to $1.9 trillion stimulus package, pent-up demand, and vaccination trends. We are bullish on US economic growth in 2021.

How does a therapist decide on a fee structure? Interview with Miranda Palmer

How does a therapist decide on a fee structure? In this episode, I am honored to have Miranda Palmer, LMFT with me. She helps therapists get great clinical outcomes and build happy, full practices. The subject of today’s talk is getting clear about the finances and what fees you are charging.

Need advice about how to grow your business? Ask a psychotherapist!

Need advice about how to grow your business? Ask a psychotherapist! There are all sorts of advice-givers on the subject of how to run a business. Businesses consist of people who, at the core, have complex emotions that need to be managed; in a way, running a business is a little bit like being a psychotherapist at times.

Funniest Business Story

It’s January and I thought I’d send you a lighthearted message to inspire some good will for the year. So here’s my funniest business story.

What do I do with this 1099 for my IRA charitable contribution?

After I made my charitable contribution, why did I get a 1099 form? What do I do with it?

Save Your Donation Receipts for Small Contributions!

Did you know that you can deduct up to $300 of charitable contributions even if you don’t itemize your taxes?