Because the Small Details
Make a Big Difference

Hello and welcome to Glassner Carlton Financial, a financial planning firm in Morristown, New Jersey.

We are fortunate to know many of the good people that make our community special.

We feel privileged to serve you!

I'm a...

You are looking for a financial planning partner to be there for you and your kin through the many twists and turns that life can take.

You’ve worked hard to achieve your success and won’t settle for anything less than a partner who will do their utmost to help you make the most of it.

You need a financial planning partner who will help you rest assured you’ll be protected from any unwelcome surprises in your Golden Years – and who will fight hard when the inevitable ones do arise.

You seek a partner who will honor and respect the bond of trust you have with your clients.

Our Values

Our financial planning firm in Morristown was founded by Bill Glassner in 1985. Bill’s modest upbringing was the driving force that motivated him to help others in his community. He sought to bring them greater financial literacy and empowering them to make wise financial decisions. After a few decades in the business Bill’s son-in-law, Judd Carlton, became his successor. It remains a family owned business until this day, focused on financial planning for the Morristown and surrounding communites.

This simple story tells a great deal about the values we represent to this day: hard work, honesty, and perseverance. With these values in mind we aim to make an impact on families, businesses, and individuals in the community around us that we are so fortunate to be a part of.


William O. Glassner, CFP®


Judd T. Carlton, CFP®, AIF®


Noreen A. Flynn


Inna D. Braudo


Shaun Leonard


Rebecca Hunt


Working Together

Working together is different from one client to the next and is highly customized to your specific needs.

 You are: Looking for a roadmap to guide you through the inflection points that life will take.

 We provide: Financial planning, tax planning, overall guidance on the creation and maintenance of your estate plan, cash flow planning.

 You need: A portfolio designed to grow over time to overcome the rate of inflation and allow you to reach your financial goals

 We provide: A custom designed portfolio. Using a rigorous analytical approach, we will form an asset allocation that fits your risk profile. We will then put your investment plan into action by purchasing securities and monitoring the portfolio as the market changes.

We use a multi-step process for financial planning that allows us to get to know each other. We offer remote and online meetings to accommodate social distancing, and when appropriate will also meet in person.
S T E P 1

Initial Phone or Zoom Consultation

We listen as you explain your goals, your approach to the markets and unique position, the vision for your financial life.

S T E P 2

Pre-Analysis Meeting

We ask consultative questions that delve further into the details of your financial, tax and estate situation.

S T E P 3


We review everything you have shown us and create a strategy to meet your goals.

S T E P 4

Strategy Meeting

We present our recommendations and listen to your thoughts. The primary question we seek to answer is whether or not what we have designed fits the vision that you have set.

S T E P 5


After you make the decision to work with us, we walk you through the mechanics of becoming a client and prepare any necessary paperwork. Regular, open communication keeps you informed of our thinking and makes sure that we are in total awareness of your life changes. 


Time and time again, we hear from our clients that it is the high attention paid to even the smallest of decisions that has made the difference for them.

Here are some examples of ways that we have helped our clients as their financial planner.

A financial planning client came to us with an investment that sounded too good to be true. It was recommended by a trusted service provider of theirs. Through our careful inspection we sensed something wasn’t right. It turned out to be a fraud.

We were troubled by seeing a client’s lawyer trying to line himself up to receive the family’s inheritance. Over a period of years we urged our client to meet a new attorney. We even insisted on being in the meeting with the client and attorney in person to be sure it was being executed correctly. The new attorney was originally defensive, but eventually thanked me for protecting the client.

A client was facing a large estate tax bill of about $1 million. We helped them create and implement a strategy that reduced the tax by sizable proportions. It took over a year of planning and attending meetings with multiple generations of the family and the legal team.

A client forgot to take their required minimum distribution at an outside institution. By reminding them that they need to take their distribution we saved them the 50% penalty they would have been charged.

We received an email requesting a federal funds wire request from a client’s account for $25,000 to be sent to a bank account that we did not recognize. We called the client to confirm his request and found that he did not send the email. As a result, we contacted our tech support team and they were able to determine that the client’s email was hacked.


Financial Planning

We will work with you to build a financial plan that includes all of your goals related to your life and your money. We’ll discuss risk management, cash flow, tax planning, and more. For financial plans, we charge a one-time fee that ranges between $4,000 and $7,000.

Investment Management

We manage your assets according to an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that we establish in the beginning of the relationship. It will detail your risk and return preferences. We will then create the investment strategy and purchase securities in accordance with the plan, monitor the account, and rebalance over time as necessary.

The fees for our investment management services are below. A percentage fee is applied based on the total of all assets held in Royal Alliance’s Pershing-custodian accounts. One quarter of the annual fee is charged each quarter, proportionately to each account. Adjustments are made to account for withdrawals and deposits. There is no minimum time commitment and there are no commissions or mark-ups on stocks, bonds and funds.

Tiered Fee Structure

Up to $1,000,000 1.00%
$1,000,000 - $2,000,000 0.70%
$2,000,000+ 0.30%

Each tier of household assets pays the rate noted. For example, a $2 million household pays 1% on the first million and 0.70% on the second million.

Households may combine values of all fee-based accounts to achieve lower fees.


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