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Life insurance is critical for families such as this man and baby.

Is the life insurance provided by my employer enough?

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s common to see the merits of employer paid life insurance to be overestimated by the working population. In this article, we decipher the commonly misheld beliefs and provide clarity as to the differences between employer and private life insurance, …

What to do when time runs out on a target date fund.

I’m invested in a 2030 target date fund –  help! What do I do when it matures?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many 401(k) plans hold target date funds as a way to help their employees accumulate funds for retirement. However, as the fund approaches its end date, what is the investor to do? Let’s talk about one particular case, the 2030 …

It’s 2023 – is inflation still a “thing?”

Reading Time: < 1 minutes With recent CPI reports showing a more favorable view, many are questioning if inflation is a relic of the past or if high prices will continue to be a “thing” in 2023. We’ll explore this topic in our February newsletter. …

Mom, baby, and dad walking in a forest.

What the SECURE Act 2.0’s passing means for YOU!

Reading Time: 4 minutes In late December 2022, the SECURE Act 2.0 was passed as a part of a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package. The Act has a litany of provisions impacting Americans – too many to cover in depth in one blog post. …

This January newsletter includes a 2022 market recap.

2022 Market Recap

Reading Time: 3 minutes Happy New Year! In this newsletter we are going to recap 2022 economic news and highlight the most salient themes for investors. Let’s start with a look at what the major indices have done. 2022 started on the heels of …

I’m retired. Can I still get a mortgage?

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s very common for us to get questioned about whether or not a retiree can get a mortgage. Some retired people feel stuck; they want to change their housing situation, but are worried about not being able to get the …

December newsletter

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Happy holidays and please enjoy our final newsletter of the year!

3 month treasury bill rate

Are Treasury Bills the safe asset of 2023?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Markets are volatile, inflation hasn’t gone away, and geopolitical instability is still a “thing.” Is there a safe asset where you can park your money? Let’s talk about Treasury Bills whose appeal seems to have risen like the phoenix from …