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June Market Update

With so much buzz in the financial media, it’s important to stay focused on what is relevant to a long-term investor. Equity markets have seen …

I Bonds – are they a good deal?

What is an I Bond? An I Bond, or a Series I Savings Bond, is a Treasury Bond that is adjusted each six months for …

This blog talks about closing a therapy practice.

The finance aspects of closing a therapy practice

Of all aspects of being a mental health professional, there is little said about the financial aspects associated with closing a therapy practice. In this …

In this newsletter we discuss the question of when inflation will stop.

Subject line: When will Inflation stop?

With the buzz in the headlines and the pinch at the checkout line, it’s no surprise that inflation has become something Americans can not ignore. …

This blog discusses the New Jersey retirement plan savings mandate.

Help! I can’t handle the New Jersey retirement savings plan mandate!

A law has been passed requiring certain employers in New Jersey to provide retirement savings plans for their companies. It’s called the New Jersey Small …

In this blog we discuss to how encourage 401(k) plan employee participation.

7 ways to encourage employee participation in your 401(k) plan

As an employer, you would think it’s enough to just set up a 401(k) and call it a day. Your employees should be happy you’re …