Financial Planning for Therapists

We are a wealth advisor serving the Morristown, New Jersey area and beyond. Many of our clients are mental health professionals, therapists in private practice, and mental health group practice owners. 

We have specialized knowledge of:

  • Financial planning for therapists
  • Financial tips for group practice owners
  • Retiring from your private therapy practice
  • Setting up a retirement plan for your group practice

We are the creators of the “Wealth on the Couch” Financial Planning Session for therapists and group practice owners.

Having anxiety about money isn’t something that most therapists are consciously aware of.

In your “on the couch” financial planning session, you will:

  • Explore your inner feelings and thoughts about your wealth, and gain clarity about how they may be influencing your behavior
  • Learn financial techniques for better managing the financial stresses that may be materializing in your life, relationships, and your career as a therapist
  • Create a self-aware financial plan to help you maintain better habits and make smart money decisions in the future

If you are starting a private practice, we may additionally:

  • Provide guidance as to how to pay yourself in a private practice, if you are in the process of starting one.
  • Offer financial planning and financial tips for starting a private practice

Just like you would never watch a few episodes of Oprah or Dr. Phil and consider your worries handled, these sessions are designed to bring wholeness to your financial life through the guidance of a licensed professional who is well versed in the financial challenges of mental health professionals, therapists, and private practice owners.

To book your Wealth on the Couch session or learn more about financial planning for therapists and private practice owners, contact us.

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