October newsletter: Will inflation ever end?

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Here are the most common questions we were asked last month. If you’d like us to answer your questions in next month’s newsletter, please send them on!

  • Many are concerned about market volatility during the midterm elections. It’s pretty common for the market to dip leading up to any election, and historically we tend to see a pattern of it bouncing back in the long term.
  • If you’re planning your next vacation, prepare for some “sticker shock.” With rental rates and flights to certain areas on the rise, many people we know have described a sizable increase in vacation costs, in some cases two to three times what it was in previous years.
  • There are also some questions about inflation, whether it is coming or going, and if Fed policy is actually effective in controlling it or not. The Fed is in a tightening cycle and has expressed the intention to continue to raise rates until 2023. Higher rates are somewhat effective in helping to stall consumer demand by decreasing incentives for people to take out a loan to buy a car, home, etc. However they do not address the systemic issues that led prices to rise in the first place. Today’s inflation has been, in part, caused by supply chain disruptions due to COVID, rising energy prices due to the war in the Ukraine, and the pandemic stimulus.

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